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Sincognito - In Development

  • Steam2


In development since late 2021, releasing in Early 2025. Alpha-release coming soon!


Multiplayer, Social Deduction, Horror, Physics


Windows & Mac - Steam
Consoles if Commercial Success 


Sincognito, is a 5-15 players social deduction, horror game in which players, who are split between two distinct teams - Humans & Sins - must use communication, teamwork, skills, betrayal and mind games to defeat the opposite team, for either exposing the predator Sin players as the Humans, or for causing deception amongst the Humans for easy prey as the Sins. Humans who are the majority being preyed upon must stealthily traverse, solve and collect a series of items & tasks, both cooperatively and independently to win the game, whilst the Sins hunt the Humans secretly in the dark-abandoned castle. Based on either trust or suspicion, Humans must ultimately expose the hidden Sins who are masked as Humans with 7 unique class abilities with play styles designed similarly around the traits of the 7 deadly sins.  


The goal of the game for the Humans is to banish the sins, either by performing a ritual to vote them out, or by crafting an Elixir to kill the sin. The goal of the game for the sins is to eliminate every human in the game. There are 7 types of sin, each sin has different abilities, and so using those optimally is key to succeeding. You are randomly given a sin, and so you must adapt to that sin’s playstyle to win.


Proximity voice chat, Phone - torch, message chat, Vote - by performing a ritual in the sacrifice room, Physics based attacks - some attacks have very high knockback.

Individual Sin abilities that will facilitate different play styles: Wrath - Small and fast, uses a bloodlust mechanic to temporarily get stronger and faster after dealing damage. Envy - weak and frail, but can use stealth invisibility & disguise ability to visually imitate other players to get close to & backstab the. Sloth - big and strong, low stamina, can throw humans far, high damage. Lust - long tongue whip/grapple, controllable minion & special ability switches human to enemy team - human dies if they don't kill any humans in the allocated time, heart projectile which transfers health. Pride - Traverse easily across the environment: Can summon & use mirrors as portals w/ x-ray ability. Greed - betrays teammates, win condition is killing all players, including the other sins, collect items to get stronger without being spotted.

  • Steam2

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